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Quectel Wireless Solutions designs the solution that integrates wireless communication technology with smart grid and smart metering, which both meet the wireless communication needs and make the energy supply smart, secure, sustainable and reliable. 

Electricity Meter
Gas Meter
Water Meter
Heat Meter
Smart Grid
Wind Turbines
Solar Panel
Charging Pile

The International Energy Agency expects global energy demand to increase by 37% by 2040, which would likely put a strain on energy supplies. The IoT is making energy use more efficient, which should help relieve some of the stress on energy demand.


With the new energy economy trend of innovation and smart communication penetrating M2M industry, Quectel wireless solutions designs the smart energy solution that both meets the wireless communication needs and makes the energy supply smart, secure, sustainable and reliable.

IoT module plays an important role in the whole system of smart energy solution, which is the bridge between sensor and base station. Quectel modules address the requirements mentioned above through:

The Advantages of Quectel's Modules

  • Reliable Data Connection in Hazardous Condition

    Smart meters are equipped in the area across a wide temperature range. The high reliability of wireless modules is important. With the advanced product design standard, optimized software algorithm, and amounts of MTBF and RF testing, Quectel modules can performance well even in areas of poor signal reception.
  • Over-the-air Updates and Automated Warning System

    Over-the-air software patches and automated warning system have increased security for the field staff.
  • Secure Data Transmission

    Security mechanisms for data transmission have been taken to guarantee data transmission security in cellular wireless network. Quectel modules ensure secure, mission-critical data performance with support for secure layer and jamming detection, static IP addresses, a dedicated APN, and secure SIM authentication.
  • Global Network Coverage

    Quectel modules can get wireless connectivity anywhere a mobile phone works, with interfaces that support all major cellular networks.
  • MIMO Technology

    MIMO technology meets demands for data rate and link reliability in modem wireless communication systems
  • NB-IoT for Gas, Electricity and Water Meters

    Battery-powered NB-IoT modules need no power connection, deliver deep indoor penetration, and thereby establish a reliable connection even in areas where mobile reception is poor. With NB-IoT technology, the meter reading can be obtained remotely.
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  • RDCCO Adopts Quectel BG96 in Latest Gateway
  • Quectel EC25 Module Supports iWave's OBD II Device
  • Meitrack Chooses Quectel BG96 for Next-generation Personal Tracker

Customer Service & Support

For any questions, please contact our sales, FAE and marketing team.

Contact Uswww 日本 高清 com ipz225 www 日本 高清 com ipz225 ,口述她张开腿让我添大全 口述她张开腿让我添在线观看 口述她张开腿让我添大全 口述她张开腿让我添在线观看 ,87福利电影网站视频在线观看 87福利电影网站视频在线观看